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Business Card
200 starting at $25
Booklet Printing
Starting at $9 ea.
100 starting at $30
Brochures Printing
100 starting at $75
Rull Up Banners
Starting at $150 ea.
NCR Pads Printing
Starting at $17 ea.
T-Shirt & Fabric
Starting at $25 ea.
Posters Printing
25 starting at $50
Cards & Invitations
Starting at $1.5 ea.
Canvas Printing
Starting at $35 ea.
Calendars Printing
Starting at $12 ea.
Label & Sticker
Starting at $0.20 ea.
Banner sign
Starting at $50 ea.
Company Letterhead
Starting at $0.20 ea.
Company Notepad
Starting at $9 ea.
Envelope Printing
Starting at $1 ea.

Our frequently asked questions

  • Whats the difference between a flyer, brochure and booklet?
    This is a good question, and gets asked a lot and the terms are often confused and misused. Generally a flyer or a leaflet is a 1 page single sheet that is printed 1 or 2 sided. A brochure is a sheet that is folded, whether it be in half or in thirds or multiple folds. And then there are booklets, these are a bound book of multiple pages which have multiple sheets stapled or bound together to form a book or booklet.
  • What are trim marks?
    Trim marks are lines that tell the printer where the edge of the page is (i.e where the page is to be cut). This is particularly important if your file has bleed (see below). If your file does not have bleed you may not need to include trim marks and the file can be final size. Trim mark lines are on the outside of the page and are usually automatically placed by the software you use to create your print ready PDF.
  • What is gsm?
    gsm means grams per square metre. The lower the gsm, the thinner the paper/card stock and the higher the gsm, the thicker the paper/card stock. A typical standard paper you would use in your home or office printer would be 80-90gsm. A letter head or with compliments slip are generally 100gsm. Standard brochures, flyers or handouts are typically 150-200gsm. Premium flyers, brochures, invitations and postcards are between 200-300gsm. Business cards start at 300gsm to 350gsm and for premium cards go from 400 to 600gsm for specialty cards. Posters range from 150gsm to 220gsm in general depending on the size and purpose. If you are unsure what gsm is best for you and your project, we are happy to help or recommend the most suitable for you.